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'My Three Sons' Don Grady dies

From Left to Right: Don Grady (Robbie) ,15,

From Left to Right: Don Grady (Robbie) ,15, Bill Frawley (back), Stanley Livingston (Chip),7, Fred MacMurray, Tim Considine(Michael),19, on "My Three Sons." Credit: UPI TELEPHOTO

Sad news to report: Don Grady, an original Mouseketeer and Robbie of "My Three Sons" has died. He was 68 and had been battling cancer.

Grady, a musician who appeared in some early TV westerns, was a big star of early '60s TV - Robbie Douglas on the ABC show starring the great screen actor Fred MacMurray and classic character actor William Demarest (and before him, William Frawley. Frawley starred in the early years of the show as Bub O'Casey, and Demarest, the later years as Uncle Charlie.) 

Grady emerged as a real star on "Sons" - something of a heartthrob on this gentle sweet sitcom of yesteryear. Here's a clip (and you may want to ignore the odd subtitles, obviously designed for a non-English-speaking audience.) "Sons" lasted 12 years - quite a run for any show then or now.

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