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Good Morning

Naima Adedapo brings the zany to 'American Idol'

"American Idol" shows some crazy-bad contestants -- kick-boxing Gaga-ista, screeching divas, you know the type.

Then Naima Adedapo, who works a day job cleaning at Summerfest. I like contestants like that. They show her cleaning the toilets but for her it's just a way to pay the bills while pursuing her dreams. She looks different with dreads and funky clothes, but I'm thinking she can really sing.

Singing "For All We Know, "slow and controlled and sincere, a total pro. "I like you a lot,' says Jennifer Lopez as Adedapo smiles big. "I love this girl" Randy Jackson says.

There's a great scene at the end with her baby. And she can sing.



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