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NBC's 10 p.m. slot: Where shows go to die

Jay Leno hosts

Jay Leno hosts "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Credit: NBC

Thursday nights at 10 used to be the crown jewel of the NBC prime-time schedule -- the home of such classics as "Hill Street Blues," "L.A. Law" and "ER." But ever since the latter ended its run in 2009, the slot has been the place where shows go to die. NBC is hoping to reverse its luck with "Hannibal," which debuted Thursday. Here are five shows that made Thursday at 10 the equivalent of TV's Bermuda Triangle.


1. THE JAY LENO SHOW (September 2009-February 2010) -- Dare you to name one TV idea that was more misguided than this: When NBC eased Leno out of his familiar "Tonight Show" role in favor of Conan O'Brien, they gave him a five-nights-a-week 10 p.m. show instead. Viewers didn't watch on Thursday night. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday, either. (And on March 1, 2010, Leno returned to "Tonight.")


2. PRIME SUSPECT (September 2011-January 2012) -- Maria Bello, left, starred in this New York-set adaptation of the acclaimed British police procedural.


3. THE FIRM (January-February 2012) -- Josh Lucas starred in this "update" of the John Grisham legal drama, which had been a hit movie in 1993.


4. AWAKE (March-May 2012) -- Even if viewers didn't tune in, at least many critics praised this drama about a detective (Jason Isaacs) who lives in two separate realities. In one, his wife survived a car accident, but his son died; in the other, their fates were reversed.


5. DO NO HARM (January-February 2013) -- Steven Pasquale starred in this drama about a Jekyll/Hyde neurosurgeon. It was pulled after two episodes.

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