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NBC's first promo for Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show'

Jimmy Fallon takes over "The Tonight Show" on

Jimmy Fallon takes over "The Tonight Show" on Feb. 17. Credit: Getty Images

Jimmy Fallon becomes host of "The Tonight Show" on Feb. 17, which  means ... it's time for the promos!

Here's the first one, released Saturday, and while some may parse what it all means -- such as is there enough Leno here, or is the sequence of hosts correct, etc.? -- best not to bother your pretty little heads with that useless exercise. It's a promo. It's designed to sell. Nothing more. Nothing less.  

By the way, there's a huge promo on NBC Sunday night -- "Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" at 9. This should be amusing as Fallon's "Late Night" run has been a reasonably major success; after all, it got the host a new gig.

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