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NBC's 'Love Bites' bitten; trumped by Trump

Donald Trump, believe it or not, is the

Donald Trump, believe it or not, is the fourth of five children. (Aug. 13, 2010) Credit: Getty Images

(Enough alliteration for you in that headline? Good. Me, too.)


 But the sorta big news: NBC has dumped the promising new fall show, written and produced by "Sex and the City's" Cindy Chupack, and pushed up the premiere of "The Apprentice" to air in its stead.

Is this big or shocking news? Not really. Schedules are not set in stone, but sand, and if production problems arise, well, then, push the show aside and air something that is ready to go, aka "Apprentice," and the Donald's new version that vows to "put America back to work," one contestant at a time.

But what's interesting is that the NYT is reporting that Becki Newton, who was supposed to play a virgin, just got pregnant. This was - one assumes - an unplanned pregnancy. Chupack is also stepping aside. Greg Grunberg - formerly of "Heroes" - is also starring.

Check out Becki below; difficult to play this role, I suppose, if you are in the third trimester, but I can't really see what the problem would be early in the production run, and the show has already shot at least one episode. Plus this is an anthology with many characters.  I suspect the real problem NBC had was with Chupack, but that's just a guess.

"Love Bites" was/is designed to be a series of vignettes about love won and love lost - sort of a modern day "Love American Style." Check out the clips below ...

"Apprentice" will air at ten; "Bites" is now midseason.



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