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NBC wants Gervais for 'Office,' but ...

Could Ricky Gervais replace Steve Carell on "The Office"? Would Ricky Gervais want to replace Carell on "The Office"?  And so the wheel of speculation turns, fueled by a Joe Adalian piece this morning in New York Mag's "Vulture." Gervais, of course, played David Brent on the original and, of course, NBC figured "why not."

Here are three reasons why not: How could "The Office" spin this story, which would seem implausible at best? 2.) Would Gervais want to do it? He tells Joe "no." (Plus, he's got the HBO series.) 3.) I remain apparently the world's only doubter that Carell will ever leave. I think he'll be back in '12, and then maybe hoof, or maybe not. He's the core conceit of this show, and there is no bigger star to replace him. Meanwhile, Carell's clunky, dull movie career continues; the best work he's ever done is Thursdays at 9.

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