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Neil Armstrong is remembered on The History Channel

The family of Neil Armstrong, the first man

The family of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, says he has died at age 82. AP video. (Aug. 25)

The History Channel will devote Tuesday's programming to Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong -- who died Saturday at the age of 82  -- the network just announced. Here's the lineup, with program notes appended.

8-10 a.m. – Failure Is Not an Option [based on Gene Kranz, the Mission Control flight director's book of the same name; Kranz was played by Ed Harris in "Apollo 13."]

10 a.m.-noon – Moonshot ["...Life behind the scenes and edge-of-your-seat moments in space are dramatized in a film that stretches from the crew's earliest days at NASA to the moment when Neil Armstrong and fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin stepped on the Moon."]

Noon-12:30 p.m. – Our Generation: Apollo 11: The Moon Landing ["...It was a tumultuous time for an embattled generation, but for one brief and shining moment, there was unity and wonderment at the great potential of mankind."]

12:30-1 p.m. – Tech Effect: Apollo 11 ["...In this episode of Tech Effect, the culmination of the remarkable technological advancements of that decade are explored in the context of the lunar landing."]

1-2 p.m. – Modern Marvels: Apollo 11 ["...We forced the technology of the time to the bitter edge – engineering, metallurgy, communications, computing – all these and more were driven to their limits for this grand adventure."]

2-4 p.m. – Failure Is Not an Option

4-6 p.m. – Moonshot

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