Lee Dewyze talks about how he made bad decisions in high school, but a teacher helped him turn it around. He's one of my faves on "American Idol." There's something about him that makes you root for him.

Singing "Lips of an Angel," wearing a blue T-shirt and gray jeans, he shows off that great, smoky tone. Yeah, totally channeling Elliott Yamin, and more importantly, he sounds real, this is like something you'd hear on the radio. He's just so comfortable and authentic. This is what the judges are trying to get everyone to be.

Yeah, this is the best performance of the night -- not amazingly brilliant, but really good, and something you want to keep listening to.

Randy calls it bold to sing without his guitar, a bit pitchy, but liked it. Kind of a tepid review. Ellen says a lot of passion and intensity, "came out as a great performance." She really doesn't add much, does she?

Kara says big improvement, some pitch problems, but "I can hear you on the radio right now." Tells him to "own your stance a little," don't be so nervous. Simon tells him to raise his shoulders physically, because vocally, "you are head and shoulders above everyone else" of the guys right now, you just look terrified.

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"You may be the one to beat," Simon says. Yeah, I agree. There's big potential here.

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