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Good Morning

Nervy Clint Jun Gamboa belts out 'Superstition' on 'American Idol'

Clint Jun Gamboa is first up on "American Idol" as the 12 guys sing for their one and only shot to make the finals. It's a brutal new system. They're not live, but are in front of a "live" studio audience.

He's singing "Superstition" and is OK. He's got good energy and definitely has some ham in him, but not that enjoyable at the start. Some nice wailing toward the end but, overall, it's forgettable for me.

"Wow, beautiful," says Steven Tyler, as Jennifer Lopez says it was good even if a bit jittery with some nerves, while Randy Jackson loved his pipes.

He looks very Where's Waldo-ish, of course, with the black round glasses.

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