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Newsday's Maier...up for an Emmy (?!)



  Big news. Well, big news to me.

  Newsday's almost supernaturally talented Thomas Maier - an ink-stained print guy, and author of numerous and highly regarded books - has just been nominated for a local New York Emmy.  In addition, the also exemplary John Paraskevas of Newsday was the photo and videographer, as well as co-producer.

 It's for the work he did on a Newsday series which included a video component. Here's how Harvard's Nieman  Foundation's Narrative Digest (where it is also posted) described this amazing piece, which follows:

 "For 43 years, doctors at Brookhaven National
Laboratory were in charge of the medical care of
residents of the remote Marshall Islands in the
Pacific who had been exposed to radiation from
nuclear bomb blasts set off by the United States
during the Cold War. This Newsday investigation
shows the lab knowingly allowed hundreds of
island residents to live on contaminated islands
so that American scientists could study
the flow of radioactivity through their bodies for
"scientific and military concerns."


Fallout: Brookhaven National Lab's Legacy in the Pacific (Newsday) from Barbara McCarthy on Vimeo.


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