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Nicki Minaj calls Amber Holcomb a 'sexy glass of milk' on 'American Idol'

Top 4 finalist Amber Holcomb sings Celine Dion's

Top 4 finalist Amber Holcomb sings Celine Dion's "I'm Your Lady" on "American Idol." (April 24, 2013) Credit: Fox

At this stage in the "American Idol" competition, the four remaining finalists have developed signature styles both vocally and from a fashion standpoint.

While Amber Holcomb is unpredictable when it comes to what she’ll wear, we’ve come to expect some interesting, out-of-the-box looks from her. Last night was no exception. First, it was a long, lean white jump suit (or so it appeared) which, when she turned around was surprisingly backed in black — very vintage cool. Nicki Minaj said she looked like, “a big, sexy glass of milk,” and called for “a moment of silence for how beautiful you look.” Randy Jackson said she looked more like a black and white cookie.

We were not fans of her cheesy second look — a peachy-orange stretch, puckered dress worn with a bulbous necklace and high white gladiator sandals. “I would of took off that necklace, took off the shoes,” said Minaj, though Jackson though she looked “amazing.”

Angie Miller’s got a thing for black leather. Last night she wore it three times — first up, an abstract print dress topped by a leather collar and harness. For her duet, it was a little (and we mean little) leather romper and for her performance of “Cry Me a River,” a high-low hem chiffon skirted dress topped by a leather bodice. We think the leather love might be part of an effort to toughen up the goody-goody suburban girl image .?.?. not sure if it’s working, though Angie looked good.

Kree Harrison and Candice Glover keep it pretty simple and Wednesday night was a study in black, white and red. Harrison donned a tomato red shirt with a modified peplum over black leggings prompting Minaj to say, “You look very sexy in red .?.?. you should always wear red.” For her performance of “A Whiter Shade of Pale,” she wore a black jumpsuit along with sparkly stilettos — she looked lovely.

Glover started out in zigzag printed off the shoulder top worn with huge earrings that looked a bit like tinsel. She too donned red — a neat red jacket over a black and white geometric print top and those leather leggings .?.?. a wardrobe constant for her.

As for Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, well Minaj’ patchwork, crazy dress featuring dots, animal print and pattern was a bit much, and Carey’s silky, sapphire blue, cowl-fronted dress showed too much .?.?. but what else is new?


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