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Nicki Minaj storms off 'American Idol' after Mariah Carey gets under her skin

Taisha Bethea, who sings in an alternative rock band with her friends, is next on "American Idol." Has a great personality, big confidence; doing "Folsom Prison Blues." Nothing amazing, then does "You Oughta Know," and again it doesn't blow me away even though I like her.

Mariah Carey wants to know if she's really a rocker, Nicki Minaj says it doesn't matter to her what kind of music she does, just finds her voice unique. Minaj and Keith Urban vote yes, Carey and Randy Jackson say no — Urban apparently gets to break ties today, so she goes on to Hollywood.

Summer Cunningham next, sings "Lean On Me" — big, well-done if not especially memorable. Minaj calls her voice "really pretty and controlled," Jackson tells her she should do the "country thing," Carey and Urban quiz her about if she loves country music, wind up all voting for her.

But then Minaj wants to know why they kept quizzing her about country music, judges start arguing as Minaj tries to explain how she feels like they're trying to pigeonhole the contestants, "almost scaring them" into genres. Carey starts going after Minaj, sounds sarcastic and condescending, classic passive-aggressive personality.

Minaj swears, walks off the set as Carey says dryly, "that was my move, I was going to do that the next time she ragged on me."

I guess this is the big feud Fox has been teasing us about. I see it as Carey getting tired of Minaj talking all the time, her kooky sense of humor and the way she's effortlessly dominated the first few shows. I think as the veteran diva Carey expects some deference.

Minaj, in my opinion, is a lot better fit for this show than Carey — she's funnier, more incisive, and is quick on her feet. But Carey got under her skin and got her to blow up.

Day two starts with a silent judging panel and then Navy reservist Brandy Hamilton coming in, doing "All I Can Do Is Cry." Doesn't move me, but she sings well.

Jackson says she "lit up the room," Urban says even with the "nervousness" he likes her voice, Minaj says "you made me feel" with that song, Carey calls it "A+."

Hamilton runs out in excitement as she makes it to Hollywood, telling the judges over her shoulder, "please don't fight, it makes us sad."

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