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"Nip/Tuck:" The end

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 I almost can't believe it and maybe you can't either, but..."Nip/Tuck" ends in a few short hours.

  Forever. Gone. A ghost that will henceforth wander in DVD aisles of Walmart. 

  Where has time gone? (And "tell me what you don't like about yourself" - sorry. Couldn't resist.)

  This post isn't exactly an appreciation because frankly, I didn't always appreciate "N/T." I was a "Nip/Tuck" grazer, who came, saw, was amused, or appalled, and...moved on. There was once a vast population of "Nip/Tuckers" but they too turned into grazers and they too also moved on to other pastures. That's TV, for you.

  This was a strange, wacky, fun, colorful, byzantine and oddly addictive show - until it was no longer addictive. (It was also occassionally appalling and vulgar and manipulative and creepy.) But I'm sure fans to this day have raging - or at least smoldering - discussions over "LA or Miami: which was better? or "Sean or Christian: Who was cuter? (and obviously your answer would say volumes about your own character and values.) And what about (poor long suffering) Liz, or Kimber, or Julia? Well,what about them?

 By the way, most fans hated the move to LA.

  The guy who created this show, Ryan Murphy, is an intriguing figure as well - a former "EW" writer who had a great idea (this) and went on to create something else addictive. ("Glee.)

  I haven't seen tonight's finale - entitled "Hiro Yoshimura" - and will watch like everyone else, on Hulu tomorrow.

  Meanwhile, the season finale trailer...




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