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No reason to watch CBS' 'Same Name'

"Pilot"--Celebrity David Hasselhoff trades places with David Hasselhoff Junior of Lake Jackson, Texas on the season premiere of SAME NAME Sunday, July 24 (9:00 -10:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo Credit: CBS/


Your name is David Hasselhoff.


Sunday at 9 p.m. on CBS/2

If you had the name of a famous or not-so-famous celebrity, would you be willing to switch places with this celebrity for a week to see how your name doppelganger lives? And would the celebrity switch places with you? Think of the fun! The humor! The eye-opening moments that prove celebrities are people, too (or that you're just some poor schmo who happens to be named Pamela Anderson?). Well . . . ? Sold!

In Sunday's opener, the always game David Hasselhoff switches places with David Haseloff (yes, a different spelling) -- who lives with his wife and infant in Lake Jackson, Texas, surrounded by members of his extended family, also named Haseloff. Meanwhile, Texas-based Dave heads to Hollywood, where he learns what it's really like to be The Hoff. He lives in the Hoff mansion, meets the Hoff handlers, scurries away from the Hoff paparazzi.

MY SAY Overcome by heat, or perhaps by a profound and inextinguishable boredom, my mind started to wander during "Same Name." What could actually make this show interesting? The answer was, to me anyway, obvious: Get the most intriguing celebrity, of course. So I pulled up, and started checking names. There are dozens of "Courtney Loves," five "Charlie Sheens," a half-dozen "Simon Cowells" and a pair of "Paula Abduls." Sadly, there's not a single other "Snooki" out there, but plenty of "Snooks." (Wonder if that counts?) And did you know there are actually five "Barak Obamas" (no other Baracks) and a couple dozen "Michelle Obamas?" Here's my point, and to paraphrase Ellen DeGeneres (six), I do have one: When you start doodling on the Internet instead of watching the show you are supposed to review, then either you, or the show, has a problem. I'm going with the latter.

The Haseloffs seem like very nice people, and we all know The Hoff is a good guy. But mix them all together, and you get something that rivals drying paint for dramatic tension.



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