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No second season for 'All-American Muslim'

TLC has now officially confirmed a Detroit Free Press report saying there would not be a second season of "All-American Muslim," the series about Muslims in Dearborn, Mich., which attracted some flak -- specifically from some obscure Florida-based group claiming it was. . . well, honestly, not sure what they were complaining about. But they didn't like it, and managed to convince Lowe's to pull their ads too. 

TLC is taking a duck-and-cover on this one -- no formal statement, no reason given, no nothing. But the show a.) did not get much of an audience (under a million for the finale) b.) had a bit of a limited appeal (though what reality show these days doesn't); and c.) Was way, way outside TLC's wheelhouse, about families with umpteen kids, fabulous cakes, sister wives, freaky eaters, coupon hoarders and (am I missing anyone?) toddlers and tiaras! How could I have forgotten about them? By contrast, "All-American Muslim" seemed positively PBS. 

 The show lasted eight episodes. 


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