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‘No Tomorrow’ review: Charming, if you’re a tween

Comic drama about the end of the world. Credit: CW Television Network

SERIES “No Tomorrow”

WHEN | WHERE Premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m., CW/11


WHAT IT’S ABOUT That dread millennial dead-end job is taking its toll on cute young Evie (Tori Anderson, “Killjoys”), who’s stuck middle-managing an e-commerce warehouse. Then she cute-meets a bearded Brit named Xavier, “with an X” (Joshua Sasse, “Galavant”) — one dreamy dude with a carefree outlook on life and a taste for Carpe Diem sour beer. X-man has “done the math” and now sounds the alarm that “humankind only has 8 months and 12 days left on Earth.” (Thanks a lot, incoming asteroid!) Xavier advises Evie, “I don’t think that spending all day in a cubicle is the best way to live.”

So what chick wouldn’t fall for this guy, with his “apocalyst” of wild things to do before he’s (we’re) dead? What guy wouldn’t go googly upon spotting “super hot rutabaga girl” at the farmers market?

And then, of course, there’s his cousin Jesse’s prison break.

MY SAY Oops. That’s a spoiler. Sorry. I just got giddy seeing this show.

If only I were 12 again. The tween in me would have loved the scruff and the cute and the “wild” antics. OMG, there’s Evie breaking loose on a pogo stick! And then there’s Evie in the hospital. And finally, there’s the real reason she vows to go for broke with the Brit. (But I won’t spoil that.)

It’s all based on Brazil’s 2012 series “Como Aproveitar o Fim do Mundo,” or “How to Enjoy the End of the World.” You won’t believe this, but “how” involves not marrying your deadly dull fiance and instead singing karaoke and riding dune buggies — all to the beat of a teen-bait soundtrack, with the occasional tink-tink punctuation of magical fairy bells.

Of course, “how” would also require not spending time watching this uber-adorable and mega-predictable show. Unless you’re still that dreamy tween, nursing the aspiration where doing-whatever-I-want-to-do-forever-and-ever seems like an awesome life goal.

BOTTOM LINE In which case, this show is soooo awesome!

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