Maddy Curtis, whose sweet smile pulls me in right away, is #9 of 12 kids, with multiple brothers who have Down's Syndrome. "They see the world in colors, we need to see the world that way." 

She's just 16, has been watching the show since she was 8; she's gonna do well. Sings "Halleujah" -- man, it's soulful, controlled. "I didn't think it was gonna be that good," says Randy; Kara calls her authentic, which is a great word for her.

"Amazingly, you're not annoying" compared to other 16-year-olds, Simon says. Of course she's through; definitely one of the favorites already. She gets a golden ticket, first one of the season.

Pat Ford next, who is annoying, with his 'holla' schtick. Seems like one of these glee club geeks; music is likely his world, but he's way over the top with his choreographed routine. He thinks he did "awesome," says Simon is even "sassier" in real life than on TV. Heh-heh, that's contrived but funny.

More blather, he goes home of course, with Randy telling him, "Stop singing forever." He winds up hugging Kara, seems like a good-natured kid, just the wrong show for him (despite his threat to return next season).

They finish this part with a montage, Jennifer Hirsch does a great scat version of Ding-dong the Witch is Dead, Claire Fuller rocks too, Jess Wolfe (from Brooklyn!) is another of the women who can sing, all are in.

Is Maddy Curtis a shoo-in for the semifinals at least? Was Pat Ford annoying, or just super-into-music? Click on 'add a comment' at the bottom of this post to weigh in

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