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Nothing to recall in 'forgotten' with Christian Slater

THE SHOW "the forgotten"

WHEN | WHERE Tuesday night at 10 on ABC/7

REASON TO WATCH Christian Slater, back on the tube.

WHAT IT'S ABOUT Out there among the good people of Chicago is a shadow group of good-hearted, well-meaning souls who make up "The Forgotten Network." When someone is murdered, and the cops throw their hands up in despair and consign the stiff's case to the cold file, the network steps in. They pick up the pieces the cops overlooked, and find the murderer. Leading this merry band of do-gooders is Alex Donovan (Slater), a former cop who lost his daughter and quit the Chicago police force. Tuesday , Donovan and his crew set out to find the identity - and killer - of a young woman found on a deserted trail.

BOTTOM LINE This has to be the silliest show Jerry Bruckheimer has ever put his name on. It all feels like something scrawled on a cocktail napkin: "Cop procedural where the cops are actually civilians!" And ABC bought it. Motivation is lacking, or at least not clearly laid out. Logic has been shredded. Why not turn over all evidence to the police? (There is some interaction, but these guys are not sharers.) Why pursue the bad guys when that sort of thing can get you killed? Meanwhile, I patiently await the first hit show (last season's "My Own Worst Enemy" flopped) for the talented and tempestuous Slater. This probably won't be the one.



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