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Obama probably rooting for Molly DeWolf Swenson on'American Idol'

Leggy blonde Molly DeWolf Swenson, who's an intern at the White House and "in love" with President Obama is next on 'American Idol.' 

Cracks everyone up by telling Randy he smacked her in the face by mistake this morning while high-fiving a bunch of people. They have the tape, too! 

Does this silly, throaty version of "[Sittin' on] The Dock of the Bay" -- but then bursts out. She can actually really sing!

Has a compelling voice when she's being herself, but I think she could be too aware and cognizant. Maybe she's just nervous, though, in which case she could be a surprise star this season.

Judges like her and she's through. People are either going to love her or hate her. 

She comes after nutty Civil War reenactor Nathanial Jones shows up in full gear. He seems very intense; sings "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" in a totally zombie-like manner, like he learned it by rote.

It's very unsettling. Randy Jackson is trying to hide his laughter as Steven Tyler , for some reason, says he liked it a lot, but maybe not for this show. He marches off. 

Next guy, Mason something, literally drones out "Serenity." It's very weird. 

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