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'Odd Mom Out' review: Life through an Upper East Side lens

ODD MOM OUT -- From left, Alice Callahan

ODD MOM OUT -- From left, Alice Callahan as Brooke, Byrdie Bell as Simone, Abby Elliott as Brooke, Ilana Becker as Danielle. Credit: Barbara Nitke/Bravo

THE SERIES "Odd Mom Out"

WHEN | WHERE Premieres Monday night on Bravo with two episodes at 10

WHAT IT'S ABOUT Everything's relative. Your rich is my poor. At least for series creator-star Jill Kargman's Upper East Side mom. She's only a funky photographer, now home minding three rambunctious kids (TV has no other kind), while her lawyer husband (Andy Buckley, "The Office" CEO) makes partner.

But when hubby's brother cashes in big on bagels-to-China, and when other UES moms brag on their helicopters -- well, then you feel super-poor and kinda sad about it. Even though you know in your soul you're better than those status-chasers.

MY SAY So let's admit societal awareness isn't the strong suit of "Odd Mom Out." Neither, at least initially, is the firm sense of self behind privileged Kargman's humble-brag (as based on her book "Momzillas"). Monday's pilot feels oddly both overbroad and too nuanced, only finding some right-sized funny near its end.

But Monday's second episode resolves that pilot-itis, calming down and widening its view to larger issues of modern life -- aging, identity, intimacy issues. There's substance in Jill with hubby Andy and with her doctor best friend (comic KK Glick, a Huntington native), all proving levelheaded and likable. That helps leaven the snooty stereotypes of our initial path into Jill's world.

BOTTOM LINE You wouldn't want to live there, but it might be worth a weekly visit.


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