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Offending scene in 'Princesses: Long Island' finally dropped from On Demand

Jonathan Lee Ielpi, 29, of Great Neck, was

Jonathan Lee Ielpi, 29, of Great Neck, was a New York City firefighter assigned to Squad 288 in Maspeth, Queens. Credit: Handout

Bravo finally got the message -- heard loudly and clearly on this blog Monday and other places that the scene in "Princesses: Long Island" which featured the statue dedicated to fallen FDNY firefighter Jonathan Lee Ielpi, 29, of Great Neck, killed on 9/11, was still included in the episode, days after the network had promised its removal. (It was removed from the on-air repeat - but NOT from the On Demand version, as I said yesterday.)

It's been replaced by the photo shoot with Amanda Bertoncini disrupting a public works crew. That scene ends with them telling her to get up off the street and leave; also in last week's episode.   

  Bravo, meanwhile, insists that it cut the offending footage immediately from the on-air version that continued in repeat on the network, and that it takes time, sometimes days, for the On Demand, or VOD version, to be switched out by the cable operator. But - my argument   - the right course of action would have been to withhold the episode from VOD entirely. Instead, it was available in repeat for an entire week in VOD, where many thousands of viewers doubtless saw it. 

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