Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Olbermann on Letterman

Hey, didya see Keith Olbermann on Letterman Wednesday night? It was actually quite good, and well worth watching, at least if you're a fan or intrigued by the guy. If not...check out that news below that Sarah Michelle Gellar is coming back to the CW.

When I watched Wednesday night, my first impression is that Keith has mellowed ever so slightly in his absence from the tube. He wasn't gritting his teeth, there was no fulminating, no sound and fury. He seemed -- can this be? -- actually happy! (Nah...)

Dave tried to get him on his haunches by going on about the Iraq War, and whether it was ever necessary, etc. As if Dave didn't know Keith's opinion on the matter already.

But Keith didn't really take the bait. 

Good interview...check it out...Olbermann's Current TV show launches June 20, BTW:



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