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Olbermann's new the old one

It's official: Keith Olbermann will executive produce/host a new commentary show for Current TV; it'll launch sometime later this spring, when his MSNBC no-compete ends. Current TV is not available on Cablevision but is on DirecTV; interestingly, or perhaps ironically, or paradoxially, ComcastNBCu owns 10 percent of Current. Comcast bought NBC just as Keith left, prompting rumors/speculation that Comcast, run by George W. Bush supporter, Steve Burke, wanted him out. Probably not truth to that. Current makes great sense for Olbermann because - of course - it was founded by Al Gore.  Olbermann will become "chief news officer" of this new venture. Here's the website for his new show. In a conference call, he said he wanted a more "pristine" environment than the one he had at MSNBC (don't ask me what this means; I'm not entirely sure.) He'll also be allowed to make political donations.

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