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Good Morning

Olbermann to Cablevision subscribers: Call!

Here's something a bit unusual -- a direct appeal from some guy named Keith Olbermann who wants Cablevision subscribers to contact their system operator -- which also owns Newsday -- to get it to carry Current TV. 

 As you may be aware, Current's not on Cablevision, which means Keith's new show -- a lot like his old show, incidentally -- can not be seen by a huge chunk of the population. 

 Here's  the link; I'd post it directly except Current TV has adopted the annoying habit of making embedded videos load and play the minute you click on a site, in this instance, TV Zone.

This little campaign is not, by the way, terribly unusual. Over the years, cable operators like Scripps and more recently Fox launched huge New York area campaigns, on TV and on the Web, to get Cablevision to agree to carriage fee demands. 

  Meanwhile . . . Olbermann also did the Letterman "Top Ten" Tuesday night. Here's the clip. . .  

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