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Olivia Munn's moment has (really) arrived

Actress Olivia Munn arrives at the world premiere

Actress Olivia Munn arrives at the world premiere of "Iron Man 2" at the El Capitan Theater n the Hollywood section of Los Angeles. (April 26, 2010) Credit: Getty Images

It's debateable whether one's "moment arrives" when one is on the cover of Maxim or is a confirmed fave of fanboys on "Attack of the Show," or one even gets a role on NBC's new fall comedy, "Perfect Couples."

(Did I mention her book yet, "Suck It, Wonder Woman, the Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek?" She'll be signing copies at the Book Revue on Saturday . . .)

But it most definitely has arrived when you are exhibit A in a piece about sexism at "The Daily Show," which just hired Olivia Munn as a correspondent.

A pullout from said piece: "One female comedian who has auditioned multiple times for the show says, 'Looking back, it was ridiculous of me to even prepare! Should I have gone to the gym more? Done Playboy? It's such a joke."

(Munn has also appeared in or on Playboy, fully clothed, and has a reputation for being a hottie, albeit a funny hottie which -- surprise -- is why "Attack" and "TDS" were interested, and who can really blame 'em, but that's me being sexist, I suppose . . .)

In an amazing move yesterday, "TDS'" resident staff of female producers, editors, writers and assistants posted a letter on "TDS's" website, debunking the entire premise of Jezebel. It read like a rather convincing debunk. Some excerpts: 

"The Daily Show isn't a place where women quietly suffer on the sidelines as barely
tolerated tokens. On the contrary: just like the men here, we're indispensable. We
generate a significant portion of the show's creative content and the fact is, it
wouldn't be the show that you love without us.

"But what's [Jon Stewart] really like? Well, for a sexist ----, he can be quite charming. He's
also generous, humble, genuine, compassionate, fair, supportive, exacting, stubborn,
goofy, hands-on, driven, occasionally infuriating, ethical, down-to-earth and -- a lot
of people don't know this -- surprisingly funny (for a guy brimming with “joyless
rage”). How else to describe him? What's the word that means the opposite of sexist?
That one. "

What's poor Olivia -- co-host of  G4's "Attack of the Show" with Kevin Pereira got to do with any of this?

In a word . . .make that two words . . .cream pie. 

She jumped in one with a skimpy maid's costume on, plus her hugely web-popular clip of her eating a hotdog, posted on Jezebel, are additional exhbits in Jezebel's argument that "TDS" is a seeething, testorone-infested male pigdom. 

Personally, I think it's all a bit of a stretch. Munn is popular on "Attack of the Show," but her act seems pretty mild to me -- "salacious" isn't even remotely a word that comes to mind.

Here's the famed cream pie skit. (It's pretty lame, but it's also not every day you see someone jump in a cream pie; Pereira followed.)

Meanwhile, check out Munn this fall on the new sexist NBC comedy, "Perfect Couples."



(Here, by the way, is a more representative Munn moment...)




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