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On the TCA tour, Jimmy Fallon and the Emmys

Television personality Jimmy Fallon speaks onstage during the

Television personality Jimmy Fallon speaks onstage during the "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" session panel for the NBC Universal portion of the summer Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills. (July 30, 2010) Credit: Getty Images

Morning dear reader. 

As you know, TCA -- the Television Critics Association press tour -- is in progress is Beverly Hills. To keep you up to speed on the important and interesting stuff from yesterday -- NBC day -- here are some quotes and observations from the various panels.

But first, Fallon: Jimmy Fallon closed out the day with a chat about the Emmys -- he hosts -- and "Late Night" (he hosts as well.)

On his Emmy plans: "I want to make anyone uncomfortable, you know. I want to make people laugh. I want to make the show moving and be entertaining, you know.

On the show he did after Conan's last "Tonight:"  We wanted to do something respectful because it’s true, if it wasn’t for Conan, I wouldn’t have this job. He kicked butt for 16
years, 17 years, whatever, and then I came in. So I owe him a lot. So we just want to treat him with respect. But, also, our No. 1 job is to make people laugh, and that’s what — so it’s a fine line, like I said. So this one kind of worked because it did — it paid respect, but
also, it was funny.

On what the real meaning of "Late Night" is: But everyone else was doing stuff, too [on Coco's end.] and we were just, like — you know, I couldn’t think of any angle except to say that, you know, people were saying, like, “Are you — would you want to host ‘The
Tonight Show’ ever?” And I said, 'The one thing I’ve learned from'  — because I’m filling the shoes of David Letterman and Conan O’Brien, I said, 'The one thing I’ve learned from those guys is that hosting late-night is the one-way ticket to not hosting “The Tonight Show.” ' "

On his pal, Craig Ferguson, who hosts the other show: He’s always been a great guy. And so, you know, I just talked to him recently, because he had done some thing where he had, like, a Mickey Mouse glove and he wanted to wave at me. I don’t know. He
had some bit on a show whre he has a Mickey Mouse – and he’s like, (in Craig Ferguson voice) “I want to wave at Jimmy Fallon.” And I said — and somebody called and said, “Are you going to wave back to Craig Ferguson?” And I’m like, 'I don’t know what this is, but, yeah, sure. What does he want to do?' And then, I talked to him and we had a great conversation and, God, he’s just a nice guy. And I read his book. He has a great book. I think he’s a funny dude. And I think, as far as show-wise, we’re two totally different

Entertain Jimmy Fallon speaks to reporters during a panel session of the Television Critics Association tour in Beverly Hills, Calif. (July 30, 2010)


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