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One man among 11 boys on 'American Idol' semifinals

(Clockwise, from top left) "American Idol" 2011 contestants

(Clockwise, from top left) "American Idol" 2011 contestants Paul McDonald, James Durbin, Jovany Barreto, Timothy Halperin, Scotty McCreery, Jacob Lusk, Jordan Dorsey, Robbie Rosen, Stefano Langone, Clint Gamboa and Brett Loewenstern arrive at 'Idol Prom.' (Feb. 24, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

Jacob Lusk proved tonight on the "American Idol" guys semifinals that it's his house and everyone else is just squatting in it.

He blew the judges away with his great voice, amazing stage presence and deep passion. It was almost like he was the professional and they the suddenly-inadequate amateur judges.

He just needs to get the votes from the kids at home -- which, as the likes of past superior vocalists such as Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert will tell you, is no sure thing.

As for the judges . . . for the most part Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez disappointed with empty happy talk. What happened to the incisive comments from the past rounds? Was it just clever editing?

Randy Jackson was fine. It's funny watching the ex-class clown take the responsible role of last judge, where you've actually got to assess the vocal performance instead of just free-associating with catchphrases. Somewhere Simon Cowell is cracking up.

Here's how I ranked tonight's performances; put your thoughts in the comments, below.

1) Jacob 'Single Best Performance Ever' Lusk made everyone else look silly with his "A House is not a Home." Tyler called it "divine intervention" -- it's just unfair to the other contestants. He's that much better.

2) Casey Abrams is the only guy with the talent to maybe challenge Jacob. He sings all out and wants it really badly, and it all showed on "I Put a Spell On You."

3) Stefano Langone had everyone grooving to Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are" -- he really came from nowhere tonight, showed great stage presence and a nice tone with the perfect pick.

4) Scotty McCreery did "Letters From Home." Really well.  As Tyler said, "I don't think you could've picked a better song."

5) Paul McDonald made a brilliant choice that fit his voice with "Maggie May." It could've been really great, but wound up being just good.

6) James Durbin was Adam Lambert-lite on "You've Got Another Thing Coming," but compared to what came before it got Tyler yelling about how "#$@! crazy good" it was.

7) "The pride of Long Island" Robbie Rosen did a creative take on Sarah McLachlan's "Angel," and gets the girls squealing right from the start.

8) The judges hated Jordan Dorsey on "OMG," but I liked his energy and performance. I didn't like how he agreed with the judges that he'd picked the wrong song -- stick up for yourself!

9) A jittery Clint Jun Gamboa was forgettable on "Superstition" for me, but the judges gave him strong praise -- maybe because he was first?

10) Shipbuilder Jovany Barreto showed up in a cheesy vest and dress pant ensemble. I agreed with Randy, his "I'll Be" was unoriginal and karaoke.

11) Tim Halperin oversang Rob Thomas' "Streetcorner Symphony," a weak pick that, as Lopez noted, did nothing to show off his voice.

12) Brett Loewenstern was swallowed up and flailed about on stage on "Light My Fire" -- the judges praised him for everything but the singing, like they want him to stick around.

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