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Oprah: 10 ways O can help the oil spill





  Didya see this this morning?

  Oprah telling Don Lemon that she's worried about the birds and the president.

  Oprah! If you really want to help, follow my ten-point program:


1.) Contribute half of your fortune to the clean-up effort. (You'll still have a billion or two left over.) 

 2.) Never give cars away again. Cars use gas - they're part of  the problem.

 3.) President Obama appreciates your help - but puhlease, you already helped to elect him. Haven't you  been generous enough?

 4.) On your new network, OWN, reject all advertising by BP.

  5.) On your show, The Oprah Winfrey Show,  have BP boss Tony Hayward on. Ask him why he doesn't remember anything.

  6.) Go down to the gulf and talk to people. Learn what they're going through - don't just pretend you know what they're going through (like the rest of us.)

  7.) Be a real leader - this is the problem, O. You want to be a "leader" when you want to be, and  not be a "leader" when you don't want to be.

  8.) Tell the president that  he really isn't doing enough. Tough love is good for everyone.

  9.) Do a show about  environmental catastrophe - tell your (many million) viewers about what is going on, and how horrible this is - for the environment, for the people who live along the gulf coast, for the country. (Oh right, this is summer - you're off.)

 10.) Do NOT give dopey little interviews that reveal you haven't a clue what you're talking about. 



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