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Oprah: Lance Armstrong interview to air over two nights

Conceding — or pointing out the obvious — that the Lance Armstrong interview she conducted in Austin Monday was “the most important of my career,” Oprah Winfrey said on “CBS This Morning” a little while ago Tuesday that her eponymous network (OWN) will now air the TV-historic encounter over two nights instead of one. A 90-minute broadcast was — and remains — scheduled for Thursday night.

Winfrey did not say when the second part would air, although OWN just announced it will air Friday at 9.  In other comments on the morning program, Winfrey said both she and Armstrong had agreed beforehand that no content from the interview would be pre-released — and she kept to her word, saying virtually nothing about what Armstrong told her. She even declined to characterize his comments, although did not dispute Charlie Rose's question that she had secured a full confession about performance-enhancing drug use during his seven Tour de France victories — now stripped by the sport's ruling body. How comprehensive was the interview? Winfrey said she came in armed with "112 questions” and managed to ask most of them, while adding that he “did not come clean in the manner I expected.”

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