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Oprah: 'Rocky' times for OWN?

 And Oprah was not talking "Rocky Balboa" or "Rocky Road Ice cream" (remember that?) or "Rocky Raccoon." She was talking about rocky difficult treacherous times for her new channel. But then, she was just probably managing epectations.

  Oprah - I don't even bother to add "Winfrey" anymore because, well, just because -  was at the semi-annual press tour in Pasadena last night, and told all this to critics. I cadged some quotes from Marissa Guthrie's piece at the Hollywood Reporter:

"I think we're going to have some perhaps rocky times with the channel,
keeping people there and keeping people motivated to keep watching, keeping
them engaged," she said.

I'm grateful we weren't embarrassed," she added. "I'm grateful people came.
Obviously, ratings are important. But they're not as important to me as they
are to you," she told reporters. "We know that if we continue to build the
channel with programs that are meaningful to our viewers ... and operating
from the point of view of, how are we going to serve [the audience], I think
we'll be more than all right. You serve them and they will come."

 Meanwhile, O will be on "The Talk" today....


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