Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Oprah's half-sister, Patricia

 Oprah, who has (seemingly) told us everythign about Oprah, told us something else today that we never knew: She has a half-sister from Milwaukee named  Patricia; no last name given. She was born in 1963 - one of four children born to Vernita. The other two were a half brother and half-sister; the half sister was - conicidentally enough - also named Patricia, who - as fans know - died many years ago; she was deeply troubled, Pat was, and had been an addict. Oprah noted on her show that she didn't learn how her newly discovered half-sister came to be known as Patricia either.

 In any case, I post this as (mostly) an explanation - to clear up a confusion you may have had because I was confused. In the dim recesses of my memory I recall that O had a sister named Patricia who had also told/sold some secret about her famous sister to the tabloids. Oprah just broght this very fact up...

  Good broadcast. Will get a clip up later.   

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