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'Oprahpalooza:' Too much


Now that I've endured - and sorry, that is the only word for it - the first part of Oprah's three-part farewell to climax this week with who-knows-what I now feel competent to address the following question: Was it all just a bit too much? 

  Yes, too much.

  Too much when Madonna actually said she was endowed with ummm, well...umm... Then prayed to her, and said "amen."

  Too much when  Patti LaBelle - who can pretty much never ever do any wrong - oversang Josh Groban who tried to oversing her...

  Too much when Diane Sawyer came on stage and gave that sort of chokey-lovey-dovey oh-you're just too wonderful glance as only Diane can give it...

  Too much when Tom Cruise came on. 

  But then, it's always too much when he comes on; just ask any couch. 

  TOO MUCH PEOPLE! And we have three more days of this ego-self-aggrandizing-over-the-bloody-top love fest! 

  And this coming from a genuine Oprah fan - me.

 For some crazy reason, I feel like watching a bunch of re-runs of "Family Guy," just to get my cynicism on....

  Anyway, here's a bit of what you missed...

  Oprah! Go quietly into the good night! And fix OWN, for cripes sake:



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