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Good Morning

Osama Bin Laden and the tube


 As television is so wont - oh so wont - it can glom onto something in its furious attempt to mirror our cultural obsessions and riff on them endlessly, and even entertaininlyg: I speak of Osama Bin Laden. I've posted here for your remembrance just a few instances on OBL on TV - or I should say, all t he various permutations of the OBL, from "Letterman" to "South Park"...The variety is endless, and yes, occassionally vulgar too; apologies for the poor quality of the latter clip - but it feature's Krusty's "Osama Bin Scratchy"...I'll add to this all day, so we can all recall just how intense this was and for how long...

Osama Bin Laden- Family Guy
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