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Ozzy Osbourne on 'CSI': The clip!

25. I AM OZZY, By Ozzy Osbourne with

25. I AM OZZY,
By Ozzy Osbourne with Chris Ayres (Grand Central)
A TELL-ALL (it needs all caps) with something for everyone: sex, cocaine, Black Sabbath, sex, hash, booze, sex, pills, sex, sex, wife beating, MTV, almost killing a vicar (accidentally), nasty moments with chickens and cats and . . . of course . . . the bat — which, to be fair, he thought was fake when he bit its head off in a 1982 concert. “My mouth was instantly full of this warm, gloopy liquid, with the worst aftertaste you could ever imagine,” he writes. Credit: Getty Images

Reason # 749 in the ongoing list of "Why Covering TV can be both Strange And Exhilarating and Vaguely Disturbing, All at the Same Time":  Ozzy Osbourne just might do a cameo some day on a CBS crime procedural.

And it's happened! Ozzy Osbourne will do a cameo on tonight's "CSI." Amazing, and we do have a brand new clip. Needless to say, tonight's "CSI" finale is not one to miss .?.?. Ozzy is in the house.

Quick overview of this cliffhanger: D.B. (Ted Danson) and team must go undercover, and by undercover we mean a Black Sabbath concert.

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