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Palin defends TLC show: watch!

  Check this clip out from last night's "The Factor:"  Bill O'Reilly asks in a very nice way whether Sarah Palin is squandering her political future and sacrificing her dignity on  "Sarah Palin's Alaska."

  Then there was this morning's much friendlier interview on "Good Morning America."  See it below. Of the "TLC" show, Robin asks, "I Know you've heard the outrage" of her slaughtering animals.  Robin even mentions that Aaron Sorkin Huffpo diatribe against Palin, and Sarah says, oh, you mean his name was "Aaron? I've been calling him Alan."

  Folks, you simply can't make this up.

  (Me? I love the TLC show: It's high comedy of the finest sort, richly deserving of a Golden Globe nod for best something. Watching last week's episode with Kate Gosselin reminded me of the glorious possibilities of the reality show artform; why this is Shakespearean in its comic vitality...Chaplinesque in its imaginative plenitude...sorry, I'm babbling again.  You didn't come to this post for babble...)

  Anyway, Sarah goes on to say she's no "hoity-toity," and that she's thrilled to show Americans her beautiful state which is filled with resources that major corporations can plunder. (She doesn't say "plunder" but "tap into...")

   Bill says he will come up there next summer to camp with her, and promises to "skin a moose or whatever it is" that she does.


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