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44° Good Afternoon

Palin: "Haters gonna hate..."

  Yes, the Palin express has pulled out of Wasilla's Grand Central and first stop was Sean Hannity last night, wherein Sarah talked about a whole buncha-stuff-you-betcha. Check out the clip below which adresses the Bristol "conspiracy."

  "The haters are gonna hate," says SP.  Go three minutes and thirty seconds in for the "Dancing with the Stars" stuff where she debunks the conspircacy theorists. Meanwhile, Palin also explains - at some length - why she's doing the TLC "Sarah Palin's Alaska" series (this comes later in the interview.) Reason: To get ideas out to people who might not normally watch her on Fox News. She also seemed enthused about the episode where she stands on the edge of ANWAR and viewers can see its flat expanse where billions of gallons of you-know-what is waiting to get sucked out of the ground. So: the show is, fact, a political tract.



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