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'Pan Am': Axed or not? Not.

"Pan Am," premiered Sept. 25, 2011.

"Pan Am," premiered Sept. 25, 2011. Credit: ABC

Suddenly, a lot of concern over the fate of "Pan Am" -- after "Terra Nova," the most ambitious show of the fall season. A tweet went out a half-hour ago that said it was done; but ABC is telling people, "not true."

The show remains in production, and after the next original this Sunday, returns in January. There are a total of 13 episodes, and ABC had ordered an additional one. Rumor started via a tweet from Karine Vanasse, who plays Pan Am stewardess Collette: "Well, we received THE call, #PanAm is only coming back for one more episode after Christmas. But up to the end, we'll give it our all!"

Cause for concern? Or course! "PA" has underperformed, and ABC has had a strong year; but what a terrible shame if the network pulls the trigger now. This has potential and always has had -- just like "Terra Nova."

"Big budget" doesn't always mean "big and dumb," but it can mean "big target." "Pan Am" needs more time; simple as that.

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