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Paris Tassin, James Durbin, Lauren Alaina, Chris Medina advance to star again on 'American Idol'

Big-voiced Paris Tassin is next up on "American Idol." She really wants this badly and gets a cheer from the crowd as she finishes.

James Durbin, who has Tourette syndrome, is next. He's another big-voiced hopeful who pours his soul into this, he shows off his Adam Lambertish high notes and gets Steven Tyler to exult.

Ex-Miss Teen USA Stormi Henley is next. She has a sultry, country-voice. It's not bad at all and she definitely looks like a champ.

But she's blown away by Lauren Alaina, as is everyone else. There's total silence while she's singing, then cheers as she hits the notes on "Unchained Melody."

Durbin, Tassin, Alaina all make it, but not Miss Teen. She realizes afterward she doesn't have a spectacular voice and seems pretty down- to-earth.

Chris Medina, whose girlfriend is in a wheelchair after a bad accident, is next. He's OK, nothing spectacular, and is cut off pretty quickly by Randy Jackson. But he makes it through.







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