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Patrice O'Neal

Comedian Patrice O'Neal arrives at Comedy Central's Roast

Comedian Patrice O'Neal arrives at Comedy Central's Roast of Charlie Sheen held at Sony Studios in Los Angeles, Calif. (Sept. 10, 2011) Credit: Getty/Frederick M. Brown

Patrice O'Neal, stand-up and not infrequent guest on the late night TV circuit, has died after a short illness. He had a stroke Oct. 19, and his agent, Matt Frost, said in a statement today that his death was due to complications from that. O'Neal was extremely well regarded in the tight-knit standup community - not that well known beyond it, except to listeners of Opie and Anthony. He was a big boisterous guy who had some sharp, uncomfortable insights into race relationships and the oddities that bind or fray them. I've posted a recent "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" appearance that gets into that, and a Letterman outing too. 

 O'Neal had many TV appearances - and "Office"-heads will remember him fleetingly as "Lonny"  - nicknamed Sea Monster - who worked down in the warehouse. If you have Hulu Plus, check him out in 2007's "Safety Management."  Letterman even asked him the most he ever weighed. Patrice: "I've always been this fat at every level." Watch the '06 Letterman app first; hilarious.

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