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Paul McDonald and Kendra Chantelle stick in the mind on 'American Idol'

Lakeisha Lewis, Jerome Bell and Ta-Tynisa Wilson do a Motown-influenced version of "She Was Just 17," on "American Idol" and it is brilliant. So well put-together, high energy, fun to listen to, totally in tune -- they could tour right now. 

"That was crazy right there," says Randy Jackson. Jennifer Lopez weren't as wowed as I was. Steven Tyler thought more of it, "you nailed it."

Paul McDonald and Kendra Chantelle do a countrified "Blackbird." It's a great song choice. They play well off each other, and Paul has a totally enchanting tone. She's almost breathless and has a very nice falsetto toward the end. 

"That was so beautiful, you guys sounded so beautiful together," says J.Lo, pointing out his "soft, beautiful tone." He's very gentle, almost like from a different era. Curious to see more from him.

More snippets; glad they're featuring some different people tonight. A ton of creativity this year. It's a good format, actually.

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