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Paul McDonald goes with 'quiet comfort' on 'American Idol'

While Paul McDonald’s “Rocket Man” rendition was overly

While Paul McDonald’s “Rocket Man” rendition was overly restrained, his flowered suit was certainly not. (March 30, 2011) Credit: Fox

Paul McDonald is up next on "American Idol," singing what he's meant to sing on Elton John night. He's picked "Rocket Man." His best chance for a moment this season, unless he gets to do a Billy Joel song.

Starts with his trademark, "how you all doing this evening?" Dresses like he's in the '70s in his flowery suit. It's veering on the edge of parody, but picks it up during the chorus though. Still not enough power, though. It's too gentle, I think. Hard to engage the audience with this style, no matter how beautiful the tone.

"Some quiet comfort," says Randy Jackson, but says it's missing something. Jennifer Lopez says you're holding back, go all the way. Steven Tyler says he "likes the character where you sometimes hit the notes, and sometimes you don't." 

There's actually a lot of good advice packed into the silliness from the judges. 

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