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Good Evening

Paul McDonald isn't manic for once on 'American Idol'

Paul McDonald is next on "American Idol," doing "Tracks Of My Tears." Hmmm, an unbelievable song. Let's see how he does with it.. The tone could be great. 
Starts smoooooth, playing his guitar, spiky hair lit up. He hasn't created a moment. I wish Thia Megia had sang this, actually. That'd be a great feature, they should show the performers in the house afterward, singing each others' songs. Paul's good, but he missed a golden opportunity, even though he's very nice on the ending.

Randy Jackson liked how he didn't dance like a maniac, wants more "tender" moments like at the end. Steven Tyler compares his unique voice to Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson.
Jennifer Lopez thinks he's a seasoned performer and likes how he addresses the crowd when he comes out. 

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