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Paul Shaffer: Not leaving 'Letterman'

Paul Shaffer attends the official Blues Brothers Revue

Paul Shaffer attends the official Blues Brothers Revue at the Rialto Theater in Joliet, Illinois. (March 5, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

Paul Shaffer, the indispensable music director of the "CBS Orchestra" and indispensable wingman to one David Letterman, says he'll take a  nap one of these days. But until then, he'll stay awake, thank you very much. 

Sorry for this cryptic post, but Shaffer has denied that he'll be leaving "Late Show with David Letterman," per a quote he gave to TV Guide Canada. Says he (via another quote he gave to the members of the press who are interested in this:)

“In an interview with a reporter, I made two unrelated points which, joined together, seem to say something that isn’t true. It’s true that the show was recently extended for two years, and yes, someday when it’s all over, I will most likely take a nap. But I hope that day never comes. As long as the show goes on, I will be there for as long as Dave wants me on it.”  

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