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Paula Abdul to host 'Star Search'?

The old gang: Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and

The old gang: Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. Photo Credit: Getty Images

I see that ABC has run this idea up the flagpoll to see if anyone salutes: Paula Abdul as future host of "Star Search?"

Per EW, ABC is developing a new edition - the third in thirty years - that will incorporate our dear Pabdul in some sort of judge/host role. Mag admits exact role is unclear at this point.

Is this solid? Of course. But isn't everyone talking to Pabdul about everything - "DWTS," "ADT," "The X Factor?"

Isn't Pabdul the It Girl of "let's talk this idea out to see where it goes" of the moment?

I know nothing beyond "EW's" report last night, and don't really want to know anything - sorry - until a deal is signed and the press release is (um) released. We've weathered so many "Paula is going to host [name a show]" that there's little to be gained from chewing over another rumorish report, even one from so reputable a source.

Nevertheless, this is interesting, and certainly suggests the move to "X" is not a forgone conclusion.

Would this work? I have my doubts.

And since you asked (you didn't?) here they are: "Star Search" was a durable and once hugely successful syndicated franchise that nonetheless is part of a world and culture long gone by - namely '80s television. Ed McMahon as first MC worked this gig  (apparently not a full time one) in between commercial work and sidekick duties on "Tonight." Per legend, "Star Search" discovered or at least displayed some of the biggest recording artists on the planet, including Britney, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. But this was Ed's show, and always will be.

The next iteration hosted by Arsenio Hall didn't go far.

So why another one?  Because ABC believes that an old syndicated concept could be updated for new-fangled broadband-dominated TV of the early millenium.

(Or perhaps this may be syndicated via its Buena Vista unit. That makes sense too.)

In any event, I think the thinking is wrong. "Star Search" had its day, and that day is not today; plus, revivals - no matter who slick, or "new" - are still saddled the memories of fans and of the culture in general. While "SS" undoubtedly had its discoveries, it was also a cheesy talent search show only once or twice removed from some of the oldest shows on TV, or radio, such as "Arthur Godrey's Talent Scouts."  "America's Got Talent" is "Star Search" but with a different name, and to an extent, so is "American Idol."

They were something new and reasonably fresh (well, maybe not so "AGT.")

"Star Search" is history.

Anyway, we will see. We will see.

Hey gang, let's go to the archives, shall we? Here is Ed introducing a famous name... 



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