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Good Morning

PBS to air Wagner's "Ring" cycle - the whole shebang

Well, this is certainly interesting, particularly if you happen to be a "Ringnut:" PBS will air the entire current Met production of the "Ring" cycle in mid-September. Huge deal. Never been done before. Hour after hour of very loud singing. May get ratings. Doubtful it will. 

  But it is a huge deal, and all four operas - "Das Rheingold," "Die Walkure," "Siegfried" and "Gotterdammerung" - will air from Sept. 11-14. Yes, this is the Robert Lepage production - quite an ambitious and controversial one, in fact, though the niceties of this controversy would be lost on the average listener. The staging however is apparently spectacular, and "Seigfried" deploys some sort of revolutionary 3-D effect. Airing will be James Levine's "Rheingold" and "Walkure"; current Met musical director Fabio Luisi handles the balance. The great Levine has had medical problems, and carrying the entire production proved too taxing. "Walkure," the typical crowd-pleaser of the cycle, airs Sept. 12, by the way. 

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