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Pelley, Couric news today


New CBS "Evening News" anchor Scott Pelley Credit: AP

As you may know, Scott Pelley begins his tour of duty at the "Evening News" tonight -- just at the very moment his predecessor, Katie Couric, is set to announce her new gig at ABC -- a syndicated gig. 

(A coincidence? You be the judge. )

In any event, Katie's got a syndicated talk show deal for the ABC station group, and it remains to be seen who she clears going forward. But Disney is certainly a great start. Expect a 3 p.m. fall 2012 launch, with "General Hospital" possibly moving up an hour. 'Course it's always possible Katie gets the honorary Oprah 4 p.m. slot, with news cut back an hour. Expect Katie to get some sort of role with ABC News.

Now, Scott: He starts tonight, just as he's being dogged by threats from the Lance Armstrong camp about that extensive "60 Minutes" piece two weeks ago. CBS has stood by the piece, and it's very -- very -- difficult to determine on what sort of case Armstrong, et al, might base a legal action. But lawsuits are launched all the time. From where I sat, the "60" piece looked pretty watertight.  

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