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Phillip Phillips not in his 'comfort zone' on 'American Idol'

Phillip Phillips singing Genesis' "That's All" next on "American Idol." It's not really flowing at the start, I think he's a bit too concerned about playing the guitar on this one.

Getting better, but just never hits the sweet spot for me. He's too conscious, so it's herky-jerky. And he has his own take on the song, but the original is so much better.

Steven Tyler doesn't give him any feedback on the song, just says he loves him, man. Jennifer Lopez says he wasn't in his "comfort zone" at the start, but liked it more as it went on. Randy Jackson loved it, calls it "another great performance."

It's ridiculous, by the way, that we're 40 minutes into the show and only three contestants have sung; they're really padding out the two hours now that we're down to the top nine.

Hollie Cavanagh and Deandre Brackensick then add to the padding after the break, doing a pedestrian duet version of the Pointer Sisters' "I'm So Excited."

No chemistry that I can see, and despite the fact that Cavanagh in particular hits some nice notes, nothing that anyone will remember.

Tyler likes her "letting go a bit," Lopez says it worked better than she thought it would.

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