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Phillip Phillips sloooows Phil Collins down, Eben Franckewitz sings Adele on 'American Idol'

Phillip Phillips does a stripped-down, super-slow version of "In the Air Tonight" next on "American Idol." Not sure Phil Collins would even recognize it, there's some darkness in there and it feels like a different song.

It's really creative though, and as it builds, feels more and more right; he's totally in control, and it's memorable. 

Jennifer Lopez says "there is no doubt that you're one of the most special talents... and you just proved why right there." Steven Tyler says he's got a "crazy kind of voice," with Randy Jackson saying he's not sure he was crazy about the reworked melody, but loves him overall.

15-year-old Eben Franckewitz next, doing Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain." Wow, such a sweet, tender tone; but tons of charisma. Maybe a little nervous and voice seems a bit small for the stage, just needs to let loose a little. But good song choice, and nails the big last line.

"You are so mad young, and so cool and collected," says Jackson. Cites a couple of flat notes, but liked it overall. Lopez liked the big last line, Tyler praises his "straight, true, beautiful voice," tells him he needs to watch his pitchiness.

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