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Phillips scores big with 'Fat Bottomed Girls' on 'American Idol'

Phillip Phillips doing "Fat Bottomed Girls" as the "American Idol" finalists sing Queen.

It's great from the get-go -- he found the perfect song for himself, it's cheeky and high-energy and he sings it with a wink and big grin that fits its blue collar vibe and matches his roots. Plus his vocals are fantastic, spot-on. He could record this and have a YouTube hit right now.

Steven Tyler loved it, says "I love watching you out of breath -- it's that character that nobody else has."

A giggling Jennifer Lopez says "even though you sing songs the same," she thinks he gives us "different flavors" every week.

I think they're the same every week, but that he happened to hit his sweet spot with this one.

Randy Jackson says, "if I'm being really honest I liked it; was I jumping up and down -- no."

Wow, first contestant of the night he didn't find "unbelievable."

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