Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Pia Toscano all woman on 'American Idol'

Pia Toscano and her shimmery gold dress is next on "American Idol." She's going big with "All By Myself." This has a chance to be really memorable. I'm excited just watching the bio video.

Starts slow, controlled; mmm, nice emotion in the voice, she totally sells the story. And she looks fantastic, even with the dopey cape-like thing trailing behind her. Wow, she gets the crowd whooping on the chorus.

Nothing really creative here, just a big song done well. No goose bumps for me, but am totally enjoying it. And she gets the biggest applause of the night so far from the crowd. 

Jennifer Lopez is just quietly shaking her head, "really, really beautiful." Randy Jackson says we usually tell people not to do these big songs, but "you have such a natural gift, I'm always excited when you come up to sing." 

And Steven Tyler is like, "happy international women's day today, by the way." Uh, ok! 

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